The United Kingdom based Malaysian Chinese fashion designer Jimmy Choo, is best known for laying the foundation of Jimmy Choo luxe brand which later came up to be acknowledged for its hand-crafted women footwear and party perfect evening bags and clutches.

During 1986, The Creative Head established a customized shoe business in a space chipped out of a converted hospital in London. The designer, around this time had the privilege to be appraised by Princess Diana. Princess Diana came across his shoes collection and began ordering his uniquely crafted pairs of footwear. She donned Choo's exquisite footwear almost everywhere. Meanwhile, Jimmy choo visited her at Kensington Palace, and did one of her runway shows. With his royal rise of popularity, he became an iconic and much coveted celebrity, crafting approximately 20 pairs a week. Astoundingly, it was within a century he ushered the rise of a global brand, expanding his business to handbags and accessories. Interestingly, due to his elegant and unparalleled designs, the designer has recently become an Ambassador for footwear education at the London college of Fashion.

Jimmy Choo's key signature has gained his label a great deal of acknowledgment. This can be credited to his comfortable yet stylishly designed footwear for women. The shoes define impeccable taste and luxurious status with its exclusive designs. The Jimmy Choo shoes collection embodies Stilettos, flats, wedges and platforms; incredibly sleek, stacked heels, knee-high leather boots and more. The brand encompasses umpteen range of footwear to complete every fashionistas wardrobe. The creative head has been designing and distributing footwear for men and women, around the globe since then. His distinguished handbags/clutches are designed with the same high quality workmanship as his stunning footwear. Along with handbags, the label also features a wide variety of wallets, belts, scarves, fragrances and other accessories.

Amongst top ranking designers to choose from, Jimmy Choo takes the lead in every woman and man's closet and why not, from his stilettos to evening clutches, every bit dominates the Red Carpet! The bold and beautiful designs and delicately crafted Italian cuts empower it's client's personality starring the labels towering growth at a rapid rate.

Undoubtedly Jimmy Choo's ritzy footwear range is a must-have for your wardrobe. The High-brow behind the couture footwear: Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo and Sandra Choi have been crafting exceptionally splendid shoes, creating fashion-statement every time. The brand presently has approximately 165 retail stores in 35 countries conducing a shoe empire for stilettoes lovers.

Rings are understated fashion accessories but also have the power to add panache to your ensemble and glitz up. They are now evolving as trends that one just cannot miss or rather 'resist'. Rings are among those jewelry pieces that every woman should own. Gone are those days when cocktail rings were statement making pieces. Now people are ditching the huge statement rings and are embracing lightweight rings.

Stacked rings as the name rightly suggests means wearing or stacking multiple rings on a single finger. Since the rings are going minimal, the quantity of rings is going higher. Stacked rings are becoming a must-try trend. It is slowly coming in the limelight and is grabbing attention without screaming 'I am big and I need attention'. It is like they are commanding it without doing much. There are no rights or wrongs as to how many rings you should stack at a time. It's all about creating something unique. Wearing a ring on every finger can be a bit tricky. If you are one of those kinds who can rock just about anything, go ahead! But if you are not that much of an ace when it comes to fashion, do avoid stacking rings on each and every finger. That will flat out make you look like a hippy. That is fine if you are looking to adopt that style.

Mixing different materials and metals while stacking your rings makes it look rich and that you've put in some thought and creativity and time. Play around with colors and textures. Don't be afraid to mix gold, rose gold, platinum or silver. They add a variety and make you look like a true fashionista. Mix different sizes like bands with thin rings. You get the drift, right? An ornate ring can be mixed with 'barely there' rings.

Minimalistic rings can be mixed with an oversized cocktail ring. They are enough to draw that needed attention. If going over the top is not you, then you can simply stack multiple thin rings and look effortlessly chic. Sterling silver ring or a thin gold ring or a band is something that looks timeless. Another way to add a rocking edgy twist to this is to stack on some midi rings. Midi rings are rings that are worn halfway just above the knuckles, usually a centimeter above.

Fashion is about expressing yourself without having to communicate. So style this trend and express your individuality with these fashion rings. When your friends are swooning over the latest designer jewelry, you just find yourself scrunching your nose? If yes, then maybe it's time for you to go custom. What better way than to get your rings customized? Customized jewelry has its own charm. They make you feel loved, isn't it? Somebody took the time out to understand your dream and turns it into a masterpiece. They are unique and raw. Customized jewelry lets you get your dream vision turn into an arty reality and that is your personal designer jewelry.

Lehenga choli shopping is one of the most exciting experiences a lover of ethnic fashion can have. These beautiful and glamorous outfits are available in a plethora of amazing varieties. If a woman wants to look and feel like a royal Indian princess straight out of the annals of history, the lehenga choli is what she should be wearing. The best part is that lehenga cholis are comfortable and versatile as well as stylish and elegant. Thus, wearing this outfit during a hectic festival or wedding event is not the death knell for all comfort and enjoyment!

While there are many traditional varieties of the lehenga choli, it is the contemporary ones that have really attracted the attention and patronage of stylish fashionistas. When women go lehenga choli shopping today, they will find a number of western designs, fabrics and silhouettes arrayed next to the classic ones. Some are simply the classic, regional varieties, but with a new element added; which can be seen in either color, fabric, embroidery or even silhouette. Others are totally new outfits that have never been seen before.

A great example of the latter is lehenga style sarees. These are hybrid garments that combine the structure and fit of the lehenga with the elegant drape of the sari. The lower part of the outfit is a lehenga style skirt with a pre-pleated design added in order to make it resemble a sari. The upper half is the typical saree pallu which has to be draped over the shoulder. This is a designer outfit and as such it generally comes in very glamorous avatars. Richly decorated borders, colorful panels, gota patti work, zardozi designs and intricate resham embroidery are all often used to decorate these garments. They are the perfect choice for weddings, festivals and other ceremonies, where opulent ethnic wear is the norm, and yet comfort is of the utmost importance.

Besides such innovative hybrid varieties, one can also find lehengas with a western style silhouette that gives the overall outfit a very fashion forward look. For instance, the sensual mermaid cut lehengas have become extremely popular. They are often paired with corset style cholis and typically look extremely elegant and chic.

On the other hand, designers are also re-discovering old techniques and designs. Many of these have distinct regional origins and designers incorporate them in their creations in unique ways. For instance, the layered lehenga often combines a modern fabric like net or tissue with a sumptuous traditional one like Banarasi brocade or silk with zardosi designs.

A major trend in Indian lehenga choli shopping nowadays is the move towards online portals as the primary retailer. This is because online shopping is indeed the most convenient option. Women as well as men can browse through a wide variety of ethnic wear options from the comfort of their home and have it delivered right to their doorstep. There are many ethnic fashion portals that have sprung up; however, it is important to select the right retailer who can provide quality as well as authenticity, at value for money prices.